The Calendar Girls of Fly Fishing

Girls of Fly Fishing 8It might stretch the mind to think that there are exceptionally beautiful girls who do fly fishing. This is not something recent in the news and society section of your daily scoop. Although there are other girls who are just hired to be a pinup model for fly fishers, there are some who are just passionate about fly fishing as the guys who buy the calendar. These girls would proudly show their catch. One might see them wearing bikinis in the calendar. But some of them have packed some serious gear for the photo-op that would give them a chance to do some fly fishing. There are a couple of girls who have graced the magazines of the fly fishing industry. Not only for US readers and calendar lovers, but also for their neighbors at the north. Did you know that Canada has plenty of excellent fishing destinations, specialized for fly fishing? Places like the Fraser River, the Kesagami Lake or the Bow River have several destinations with fishing opportunities and picturesque landscapes. You’ll find various options for accommodation, dining, or entertained by the best online casino in Canada. You case it starts raining. But let’s see these girls that would beat many male opponents at any fly fish championship.

Missy Tarrington - This young and beautiful woman have graced the magazines of the fly fishing industry in 2007 and 2008. In the news and society section of old tabloids as well as her website, she has mentioned that she grew up as a very athletic child. This must have carried over to her adult life because when she was tapped by Exotica Swimwear, a photo-op turned out to be a completely whole new ball game. She became the Co-Captain of the Exotica Swimwear Bikini Ice Fishing Team. She turned out to be more than just a model. She can handle serious fly fishing gear.

Tracy Pennell - This young lady certainly has everything - both beauty and brains. She may not be baring anything. But everyone will agree that this lady is indeed beautiful. She can definitely be a page turner for any news and society section of any local scoop. This young lady completed a degree of Environmental Science. Currently, she is working as a watershed surveyor. She has graced the real women in waders calendar where she is pictured showing off the steelhead trout that she has caught

April Vokey - Talk about girls who can do some serious fly fishing, no one should miss April Vokey. This beautiful brunette is a fly fishing ambassador because she is quite passionate about fishing. As such, she has been included in the Rogue Angels calendar. She is quite passionate about fishing. Even in her younger years, she would cajole her dad to drive her to the nearest river so as that they can go fishing. Beside that, this young woman advocates for the conservation of rivers and other waters. Not only that, she is a field editor for an outdoor magazine. She actively designs fishing clothes for women. One can find several pictures of her in action.

Erin Block - One might make the mistake of thinking that Erin Block is finicky especially since she works as a librarian during the day. But this very friendly and beautiful girl happens to be very passionate about fly fishing. One can see pictures of her preparing her fly fishing gear or perhaps showing off her catch. With her dog, Bajo by her side, one can find pictures of her action. In her spare time, she would write about fly fishing. Her first book was published last 2013. It was entitled, “The View From the Coal Creek: Reflections on Fly Rods.”

The sight of beautiful girls fixing fishing rods can indeed stir one to go and try some fishing. Although some of these girls are just in it for the photo-op, some of them are extremely passionate about fly fishing. Not all of these calendar girls would be wearing bikinis, but all of them have graced the news and society section showing off their prized catch. So join them as they do some serious fly fishing.