The big stars of fly fishing

Not everyone is well suited to be a celebrity even though this is what everyone dreams of becoming. Here is a short article about fly fishing celebrities that might just interest you. First of all- most people may not know what fly fishing is?

Fly Fishing 4Fly Fishing is the use of a bait that looks like a fly or some kind of insect thrown into the water at the surface several times to catch fish. The bait usually lands on top of the water to lure fish contrary to a traditional fishing method where the bait is placed below the water where deeper fish may be hiding. Those involved in fly fishing are called anglers, and anywhere professional anglers meet, you will likely guess they are talking about the extreme aspects of this kind of fishing. As a newcomer to fly fishing, we are fascinated by those who are professional sportsmen of fly fishing. They are a bit like the Bear Grylls level of fishermen.

Fly Fishing 9One particular person holds a world record for the most consecutive casts from his fly fishing prowess. His name is Brent Olgers, in July 1999, he made use of the Zebco 33 Classic reel to cast 6,501 times within 24 hours while he also averages 270 casts per hour during that period! Some of the famous anglers who have distinguished themselves in the sport include Steve Rajeff who has dominated the fly fishing scene for forty years, and has also won 40 National Casting Championships and 14 World Championships. He also holds the record which is about 243 feet for the longest single-handed fly cast ever made. Despite all his achievements, he still concedes that he needs to keep learning as there is always something new to learn.

Another big star of fly fishing is Jerry Siem, who is considered as the best American single-handed caster. Another great attribute to learn from this icon is his desire to practice even at 60 years old. He flies a rod at about three hundred days a year. Captain Tim Klein, one of the most respected guides in South Florida has a successful career of over twenty-eight-year career. He has managed to mentor a lot of anglers who have won several tournament titles and numerous world records. Several other fly fishing stars have distinguished themselves in this sport. Most of these fly fishing stars have become great teachers and mentors to the younger generation of fly fishers. If you want to master the art of fly fishing, it would be wise to learn from the stars.